Monday, November 30, 2009

Losses and Gains

Since my last post, my dad has passed away, we've had visits from children and grandchild, and life continues to roll on relentlessly.

I don't feel quite up to writing about the loss of Dad so will dwell on other aspects of past weeks.

Here's a highlight - taking Rowan for his first horseback ride.

All along I've wanted to be the Gremmy and Aunty Kathryn who is known and loved for her warm hugs, great cookies, interesting books but most of all, her horses. My mom used to tell me that her step-father, Les, would have made sure I had a pony to ride had he lived to meet me. I grew up knowing I wanted to provide plenty of warm, furry animal necks for my grandchildren to hug. A bonus is that the grown-up children now think the animals are pretty swell too.

Two years ago I got to share my beloved mare, Misty, with my niece, Vivian. This year it's Rowan's turn.

Never knowing how kiddos will react to horses, we brought Misty close and let him look at her over the fence while I saddled her. He was perfectly happy to look at her and get hoisted aboard for a short ride to look at the cows.

The next day we walked down to the outdoor arena where Logan was helping Goddy trim the alpacas' feet. We watched for a while then wandered off around the arena.

When I asked Rowan if he wanted to go a bit faster, it was no surprise to hear, "Yes!" A little squeeze sent Misty into a rolling canter, which was a bit unexpected since she is 27 years old and arthritic. But she was perfectly happy to go and Rowan was perfectly happy to feel the breeze in his face. I was just perfectly happy.

We went out in the forest for a bit too, and I'm thinking this riding deal is going to be a fun aspect of being a grandmother of men (and women. Can't wait for Katelyn's turn.)