Monday, October 29, 2012

Sunshine on our shoulders

It's a lovely sunny morning in the capitol city. We've gone from this...

to this...

and it perks everything up. The birds were singing in the bush last night as we tramped up the 150 steps toward our little home away from home.

There's something special about just sitting with loved ones and letting the conversation go where it will. We've had plenty of that in the past weeks, first with Alyssa and the kiddos, now with Ty and Caroline. Although we chuckle at how quickly children revert to their unguarded ways when the parents come around. Not mentioning any names, but we know we've settled in when tempers are allowed to flare and the rest of us just laugh. It happens to all of us in this family.

The next few days we'll be exploring around with Caroline and Max while Ty wins the bread. At least he has sunshine to be working in today. He's getting the park he looks after ready for the cricket season.

I'm so proud of my boys  young men. They're all such good guys. Must be from the example of their father.

Here are some pictures from our ramblings so far...

walking along the Wellington waterfront on Sunday.

Mom and Evan, I took this one for you!

some views from the neighborhood we're in 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Birthday Boy

Today was Goddy's birthday, and I KNEW it was his birthday and reminded myself of it last night, but still managed to neglect the magic "Happy Birthday" words until the man himself reminded me. Way to go, Gremmy.

Well, thank heaven for Max, the ultimate birthday present, and our niece Olivia and nephew Thomas. Max provided lots of opportunity for Goddy to put his considerable baby whispering talents to work.

And Livvy and Thomas came over armed with birthday cake and ample hugs. All was forgiven and we had a lovely day catching up with family.

That's what this trip is about. Reconnecting and just being. Sure, we'll see many lovely things and experience new places but mostly we want to savor long moments with family and old friends.

Birthday morning tea after a visit to a nearby bakery.

So today we spent those moments sitting on the couch sharing stories and memories, enjoying togetherness. Of course, we got so busy talking that I totally forgot the camera, but I suspect we'll see more of these young people in the days to come. Aren't we fortunate?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Zealand to the Max

We're on our way to the newest grandbaby! But before we get there tomorrow, we've been enjoying family time.

By the ocean at Maraiti
Goddy's cousin, Dave, lives in Auckland near the airport and has been a pillar to us travelers. He gets up early to meet us at the airport, supplies us with a cup of tea and other hospitality and sends us on our way in his sturdy silver Volvo. He's done this twice now for us and also for our sons and daughters-in-law. It's a gift appreciated beyond words.

Tonight we're in Hamilton with Goddy's brother Steve and sister-in-law Peta. These two are superb cooks and since we're here between our birthdays, they put together a Kiwi nosh for us. Roast lamb and vegetables, mint sauce and gravy, and for dessert, the following amazing pie...

Avocado & Lime Pie

1 packet crushed gingernut cookies
100 g (1/2) butter

Rind and juice of 2-3 limes
250 ml (1C) cream - whipped
1 avocado mashed
1/2 tin lite condensed milk

Melt butter, mix with cookie crumbs and line a greased 8" pie pan or springform pan with the mixture.
Put in fridge to chill
Mix the filling and pour into the base. Chill for an hour or so before serving

I had two pieces of this, and could have had more.

There's only one hitch to this yummy pie - you'll have to wangle an invite to our place because we'll be bringing home the Gingernuts! I'll hide some in the back of the cupboard.