Monday, March 12, 2012


One of our favorite sayings is that a change is as good as a holiday (or vacation, if you don't speak Anglo.) I know I haven't been posting very much, but that may change. May not, but that sentence went with the theme of this post.

What I have done is make some changes to my office. Not earth shattering but kind of a holiday for the mind. Maybe with the re-arrangement my creative flow will return and I'll feel like writing again. Even when I know on every level that 'feeling' like it shouldn't even enter the equation. But then, I never was very good at math.

This is what the space looked like before the makeover. I actually got the idea to change things from watching the t.v. at the gym - a dual purpose workout!

 So here's the new look. Hope you'll come visit and we can holiday together!