Thursday, July 10, 2014

It's Not About The View (well, maybe a little)

This morning I was riding through the forest on Juneau, looking around at the trees and the dust motes Lou was kicking up and breathing in the coolish air. It occurred to me that a good trail ride doesn't need a view or even a destination.

It just needs to be.

Which has been happening a lot this summer. Although I will say that many of my rides have had splendid views, such as these...

Looking toward the Sisters and Broken Top 

In the Ochocos

But mostly there have been moments of serenity, contemplation and fellowship. Being a quiet sort of person, I love the first two. But the sweetest memories have been made knowing there are others who are going to share the same recollection.

Many of those rides have taken place in a wonderland of trails just across the road from the ranch. I'm marveling that I've worked and ridden from here for 12 years and am only now discovering these trails. Which, incidentally were made by dirt bikers. I think most of them have grown up and left home or maybe they are out there on the weekends or when its cooler or sometime but I haven't seen another soul out there so far.

Its been fun getting familiar with the area. Noticing this rock or that tree and figuring out which direction is home. Although the horses always know.

Every time I saddle up I'm grateful. I feel stronger and more flexible that ever before, kind of like the anti-Humpty Dumpty. All the King's horses (well, two of them) and all the King's (wo)men could put Humpty together again!

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